01: Swamp Thing
02: Reprise
03: Boogie With Stew
04: Archeon
05: Morphius
06: Viewpoint

01 & 02: Paul Neave: Keyboards & Drum Machine
Gavin Bates: Guitar, Bass and Flanger on Drum Machine

03: Rik Makepeace: Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Drum Machine & Music
Gavin Bates: Guitar

04: Gavin Bates: All instruments and Vocals

05: Rik Makepeace: Vocals, Keyboards and Drum Machine
Gavin Bates: Vocals, Guitars and Bass

06: Rik Makepeace: Bass & Drum Machine
Gavin Bates: Vocals and Guitar

Recorded 1991 via Astral Audio Unit