Light Beyond Reason

Chapter One

In God's eye swept the undying dreams of a thousand star-captains. The night would be one of wailing and unfathomable chaos. Each time-point in the centre of the planet had been triggered to self-destruct within the hour.

Far across the many lands and seas, deep within the confines of the Magicians hut, a sound was being uttered. It was the sound of many insects set upon a single purpose. Each was calling out in fear, fear of what had happened in this place.

The Magician himself was scattered around the small cabin.

In another place, not quite so far away, inside the head of the Final Sanctity, a thought was being created. It engulfed worlds, it lay bare mountains and oceans, It was the last chance of this dying people. The mother of this baby was now blind with pain of its birth. The people around it were paralyzed by what they were seeing. They just stared in horror as what they had once worshiped was being ripped apart by her own inner forces. The witch died.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tick.

The power of the light bearer was uncountable. It stopped, it started. In this light, in this far-away light, there was felt by some to be a presence. This presence was the Force LOGOS of the world. It was, also, dying.

The Legion was gathering. In the hour all would feel the might of the Lords. The gathering was now assembling in an ancient hall. They were composed of differentiating molecules, orders of existence, the channels of everything.

This was now the time of reasons and dark passions. All could not prevent it, all could not stop it. Endlessness was dawning in this light of fire that encased itself in the brains of the high ones. Within this hour the new Lords of Now would take over and destroy all that the pitiless being had created.

Now and again the atoms of being would collide and fragment into solar systems. Energy was lost and torn apart. The nullification of time and the start of another countdown. This is happening now.

Aware of nothing but the sound of a crying leper the Magician reassembled himself and walk out of his long time home. To the east he went and into the Sun, laughing out loud but screaming inside he came to the brook, crossed it and exploded into a million tiny pieces, the shards of his being being carried on the wind and, thus, taken to the other side of the world.

The call of a dying wolf echoed across the mountains. An eagle swooped down and snatched a snack. Decay was moving across the plains and valleys of the land. Like a mist it swept, encompassing everything in its disease. However foul it might be it was nothing compared to what was to come.

Changing. Shifting. Atoms.

Until the hour had passed, stasis hung in the air. Stagnant waters rippled as hungry children threw stones. Corpses were left where they had fallen, while vultures gnawed the carrion. The humble slew each other, the noble fell from rooftops. The stench of fear. The reek of death. Now everyone would feel the tortures that had filled the heart of the Void Dweller. He had returned and now all were accountable. They will perish for their sins.



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