The Planet Sphere


The wretched life, the living flame. All this is inside us. All this taunts our forgotten sorrows and wakeful dreams. Nature is the living flame, the light of our days. Within this fabric of ceaseless folds is the start of the eternal life. This is a view in a storm, a parallel rejection.

Peering into the great cavern the eye cast itself into the pool. Images erupted into a dance of energies and awareness beckoned. Light was the start, life is the end. The manifestation now peering at me turned from light to void. The eyes knew fire, the pointless god decreed solitude and exploded into the chapters of time.

An expanse.

The channels of everything transcended the planes of temporal reality then reached the heavens. The evolution of this Dragon would be of a holy different kind.

Shadows webbed together and flew apart. In the depths of this place, a creature entered the twilight. What kind of prey was I, a formless spirit? Moving to its sound and towards fear, the darkness closed in. And now I was not.

The shifting patterns transcend consciousness and erupt through a membrane of cynical illusions. The web holds us fast for a while, fixing us to the rejection of eternity, then shone a grail.

Removed from this turmoil of realities, for some time at least, a phase of shifts came upon us and drew us into another labyrinth of decaying worlds. This fabric of creation expanded and formed to my will. This was nothing to what was to come. We submitted to death and unleashed a freedom into a universe, forever was calling. This and that was far from here and to this place of never-ending sorrows there reverberated a sound, though this was only an echo of some greater noise.

Technological embrace from a candle in chains. This was a point neither here nor there. A voice across the endless planes and dimensions of this new land, heavens gate.

Much is like this. Much is like that. It depends one where you are or, at least, where you think you are. But, we cannot help but wonder.

To this decreed science a change was about to take place. A change of turning spheres and forming voices. The energies that centred on my being and stretched out into the universe began their vibration in the depths of my soul. Building into rhythmic pulses of a lost frequency they ebbed and flowed into an ever-changing dance of ceaseless waves and streams of unfolding visions. This took over until there was only it and me.

As one we went across space and into the void. Laying bare all in our wake we came into the mists of an unknown place. The meagre mind and tendrils examined the traveller that appeared, before the creature moved on.


Was it an Angel? It was difficult to say. Fallen from great height and now lost in this barren wasteland. Filth oozed from cracks on the ground, faster and faster, until it smothered the surface, and then it pissed it down. Purple rain.

The land was now an ocean, an ocean of disease. Fish formed and swam.

We built a shelter out of dead fish on the single isle that was not covered in shit and called it Babylon. And heralds steer their ships through the dreams of an almighty creation. This parallel continues for a thousand years or more, tainting our vision with the illness of all our lifetimes. Unknown to known and a voice in the wind.

A presence of legions upon legions burnt alive on a post with straw takes away the distant hum of an insane mind. Take this into darkness and give it away, this is a planet of mud, a sphere of decay.


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