Chaotic Fusions

A giant cellophane galactic ship
A legacy to the ones of death
Through their hordes it shall rip
Dampening it's icy breath
Gathering a sea of light
It brings good into evil
Light into night
A crack in the sacrificial hill
Be good O one of truth
This is the complex, idealistic proof

A trans-dimensional mind vortex
Swirling in a lake of flesh
A never, never time machine
Bringing love into a world of tears

A cry from a mountain.....Cold
A moan from a field.......Dry
A wail from a river..............Thirsty
A sigh from a forest..........Dying

The emptyness of a desolate void
Wraps itself around a realm destroyed
A march of an army of pain
A civilised world now maim

Originally written c1986 as "March Of The Ship Of Light"
Used as a basis for the words to "Chaotic Fusions"
Recorded by Flowerpot Timemachine
Onion (1988)