Towers of vision
Lands of destruction
Twisted souls burn
And, in the fire, sped a wyrm

Black hands burning in the webs of flowing dreams
We came to the mountain and saw
In the light of all new days
A thousand worlds evolving round our sun

Evolving around our sun

Like the moon
Like the sky
Like the devils that move around our eyes

This picture
This frozen loch of chaos

Ash rag
Ash rag
Ash rag
Ash rag nag rag
Ash rag nag rag

And hope drew us on
Through the fires, the burning life
The twisted souls screaming in their hatreds

And we knew time would change us
Move us beyond all reasonable doubt
And there we would burn
And there we would learn
Like webs flowing through our eyes
A damned life
Burning like the morning time

Ash rag
Ash rag
Ash rag
Ash rag
Ash rag
Nag Rag

Recorded by Flowerpot Timemachine
Dream Light (1996)