Killers X1

In the steps of damnation
We came to the river
And bought a star of legions

Black fire balling
Light decerning
Keep our time unfettered
Unfettered, unfettered in light and transient thought molecules
Sub-atomic system
Particle of light
I am quantum, mechanical, atomic
Delayed pyre in sight

This battle-star, across dimension
Instigated the downside
Legion upon legion upon legion
Gathered seminally in the blackness
For all our future kinds
All our future kinds

Spaced-out energy
Transient nothingness
Primordial soup
This is life from chaos
This is life, this is life, this is life, this is life

And death

Rising flames
Tortured burning
Twisted, fiery temple
Universal mind... mind
Universal mind

Recorded by Atomic Sub System
Project X1 (1999)