Light Wave

Into the twilight, we gathered dust
Sheltering from a storm of blue fire

Trancending this conscious
Deep space

This multitude of stars
Cast out this deliverance
This holy shadow

And there upon this needle
I cast out my death
And liveth a thousand
In each passing breath

Like talons tearing
Ripping asunder
From our hearts
There is mortal destruction

Like casting out
Casting out... out
And formulas of the blackness
This is all

Casting down the moon
We drive across a rocky shard
Etching from the counsel
Of all my deliverance
Deliverance stands

This is a ship
Casting out the morning
Into our fortune we would dream

Cast out this holy curse

In the morning with this fire
The witch looked into the darkness
And in my dreams, there is nothing but this destruction
Blow the winds of Hell
And you will die, rotting, in putrid fires
Unlive the Undead

Unlive the Undead

Recorded by Atomic Sub System
Data Proxy (2000)