Countless stars
Countless stars
Universal energy
Countless rhythms, like the flowing winds
Come back to the blackness
Come back to the dark

Like an eye shining through
Kindred spirit shine at ancient
Cast rivers of imaginations
And danced a jig of merry wise

Merry wise, would you look at I?
Like a universal... universal

Down in the blackness I saw a ship
And danced through fires of storms of angels
Choirs in the dawn
Like light dawning through fires
Like angels... angels
Forming in our minds
In our minds
Like an old egyptian
Gathering dust
Omnihedron, Omnihedron
I am thus

O, accursed place
This is the universe of air
Of our magickal holy race
And I.. and I fly

Like a desert cry

Atmospheric annihilation
Atmospheric annihilation

And Joseph looked to the stars
And I cast out my light
And in the blackness of my dreams
I saw you burning in your screams
Casting the river of tendril light
Catch and open this night

Recorded by Atomic Sub System
Project X1 (1999)