In dead dreams, we will flow
Contained the universe
Black blood came down from the mountain
Mesmerise all our dreams
I stand now, by the dimension gate
Looking at the voices
Signal the start
Call-less wonder
Catching, catching their dreams
We will flow away, away, away
From their screams

I kill
I destroy
I am the peerless wonder
I will travel throughout this universe
And stand lamenting all our kind
And spit at the souls purged on the fires of all lament
I will curse their scent
Stinging , balling
Unleash my flame
I will go where it burns so cold
So cold... lost... lost

Seething, seething, reeling madness
Touched by the Hand of God
I will stand to die

This universal, this time zone
Mastering the directionless chaos
Awaken my soul and dream of fires and the burning light
Solace to a solitude, this is my plight
Wasted like dreams that flow through the answers
And casting out all direction
This is fire

I am the blood of god
I stand like an angel
Pass the God, that directed from the storm
Terror psychology
This universal mind
My mind is dead
We lay in sleep from my head
And I peer
A crumbling son of dark dimension
I will run at the spitted
This outcast
This blood of Christ

Listen to them scream
This angel laughs at the sun
And I cast out my fire

Blood of Christ
Blood of Christ
The sad dark crucifixion
Stigmata nirvana

O, sweet angel
What is this fiery temple?
This longing of destruction?
This portal fire?
Where Hades stood
And our dreams
Were still the dreams
Would flow and peer at this rainbow

Like angels.. angels
Standing in my face

Red blood
I call across this angel head
The all-seeing eye
Cast out fires
And storms of atmospheres
I will live a thousand millenia
We're creatured, we're creatured
Christian soul
This is dimension
This is Hades insane
O, ancient, where are you now?
O, ancient, where are you now?

Recorded by Atomic Sub System
Project X1 (1999)