Minion Dawn


A voice across a wilderness
Saw it flow
Saw it die

Legions rise
Energies travel

In a place of mind
In a place of time

Saw it come from a mighty wood
Grew in time, we knew it would

Born of ages
Born of ages

A swamp came down
Rivers burned
Steam rose to the skies
Children die and we learned

In a bleak world
We travelled across a universe
Came to rest on a mountain
Lifted our heads into the sky

Awake now within us

This frozen parable
This natured child

Sweet was the honey in our faces
Nectar drip throughout the sky

See their blood fall
Oceans of disease

Ash rag
Nag rag
Ash rag

We lived in caves
Spit the fires
Dawn raged in our eyes
We magick spires

Crystal was the time
Voices in our minds
Spirits take to the skies
And wings of fire turn my eyes

Ash rag nag rag
Ash rag nag rag

Phantom, submit to our cradle
Let this time of movies
Sent a sentinel into the atmospheres
And turn our blood curdled

Recorded by Flowerpot Timemachine
Dream Light (1996)