Of The Dragon

In General lanterns
The chaos in the dawn
A fleeting glimpse
Soldiering the storm
The Herald went onward
All that is lost
Blood and confusion
We count the cost


Hail the Sunrise
Welcome to the Dawn


What is this Light that infects my mind
Leading me onward, helping me unwind
A forever of dreams that flow on through
Awakening the crystal that only ancients knew

To a Watcher's Tower the king would wander
Beholding the intrinsic land in awe and wonder
The factory belched out its Demon mist
Into the blackened sky they dance and twist
Like corals of the Night and Saints of the Pit
The world we inhabit, they say, is full of shit

The eternal crew stood silent on the crystal shore
Before them, unknowable paths and, some say, War

All the many, miserable creatures fixed a greedful gaze
On the gifts of life that lay hidden in a strange haze
Transparent shades of screaming demons and death
The Grim Reaper's watching, feel It's icicle breath


A voiceless whisper flew through the sea
Could this light really be me?
Like an ocean of flickering light
There to help us make it through the night

The winged chieftain sat amidst his dreams
Living as a shade, he knew what torture means
To live eternally in a universe of fear
Away from reality we slowly disappear


Awake. Awake. Awake.
Awake once again

Feel it
Become it


Lying in nightmares of all we despise
Sculpting the truth from so many lies
Eating away at what we call love
Oh, how they mock in Heaven above


Tentacles wrap themselves around you
The wall turns into a window into space
Believe in what you really want to
Awakening into something, is it the human race?

Chaotic Orders of the Dawn
Of another life, to be reborn
Sentinels of darkness
Voices in the night
Creatures of Armageddon
You within your sight

Driven by fears til were insane
Avenging your pains

Turning the tables of a satans' design
The futures now, for its within your mind
Echoes of voices still keep you awake
Your wrong choices still make you shake
It's always been the same
You've just been playing games

Deliver me from evil, though I know I have sinned
As the Fallen Angels, now take to the wing
Voiceless whispers come to me
And a Sentinel of Light sets me free

Words extracted live from a longer version
Recorded by Flowerpot Timemachine
Entities (1991)