In the dark recesses of my inner mind
There are places I do not wish to find
I see the stars

Crash and thunder
Almighty sunder
See the blood now
See the blood now

You're living in an ocean
An ocean of your dreams
You're looking at your door
You're looking at your door

Crash and thunder
Almighty thunder
Feel it slaying
Almighty praying
I'll wallow when I die
I hit the sky
I look at your eye
And I see my life flash before my skies

Voices listen
To the sad song of a mighty armaggedon
This is the divine time
This is the light
This is the fire
This is the causation of cosmic stars

See it drip down the walls
Oozing slime
Yet forgotten
I am time
I am time

Would you ever listen to my sad solitude?
Would you care?
As I dare dream of lies

And as I hope for more
Is there more to this mortal soil?

This blood-ridden planet
This earth
This time
This matter
This dimension of space and mind
I, heathen! I, heathen!

We adjusted to the gods
As they rain down their slaughter upon our brow
The dark dimensions to this ancient, sacred cow
O, sacred urn to the chapel of light
Be my guide and judge
And be my inner sight
Inner sight
As I count the waves that spin through my eyes
And I'll dream of different lands
Where the darkness flies

Recorded by Flowerpot Timemachine
Herfe Songs (1995)