Satan's Clown

Shiny things
Shiny things

And death looked wild
And death looked free

Til we came to a sign
On the edge of the sky
Pointed to the world

And the movie's on
And the time is fun

I watch you bleed
I watch you burn
I watch you die
I watch you learn

For in this place
This wretched pit
We soar the skies
We saw it hit

Stars fall to the ground
Pick one up
Kick it around

Watch you learn
Watch you breathe

In a planet sky
We drifted across
Til we came to a sea
Born on the wave
A drifting light
A holy grave

Kill us now
Kill us now

Magick ship.. magick ship
Magick Ship
Flew through the skies
Ripped apart

Buildings of God
Will be torn down
Ancient mysteries
Satan's frown

Satan's clown

Recorded by Flowerpot Timemachine
Herfe Songs (1995)