Upon this hill and the cause of Time
We echoed and moved beyond Forever

Light touched our eyes
And casting-out this deliverence
We moved between the shelter of our dreams

Everything enters
And left forgotten

Cometh, I
Through this place of steel
Energies unravel
And counter-espionage about the way I feel

To the stars, we will look
And cast-out all our dreams
Evermore will malfunction

In so much light
We will dream of the bleak horizon
And cast forth our life

Energies unravel and people turn and dance
And move away from all this blinding fire

This blinding fire
Where thoughts, mechanisms
Twist and turn... unravelling
Casting-out all this horizon

As I grope with the shattered backbrain
I dream of silence
And wash away throughout the many rains
Until we came to a place on the bridge
Higher than all lives
Further than all day
We move away
Move away

Recorded by Atomic Sub System
Hex-A-Decibel (2008)