Wandering through the darkness I came across a place that emanated nothing. No thoughts, no feelings, Nothing. This place was intimidating in its lack of being.

I sat and was at peace with the world when a single thought entered my head without my bidding. A thought without words, only images. A repeating thought that formed into a string of allegorical rhetoric:

is this the way forward
what are we doing to ourselves
our world
our minds
our humanity

I sat for a while in this place of nothing when I realised that I was not alone. Glancing about me I caught glimpses of lights flashing briefly in the undergrowth and bushes surrounding my serenity.

Small sounds and movements wriggled into my conscious, revealing some strife or turmoil existing all around this place. I watched and listened but noticed nothing. The lights and movements ceased as though they had never existed and left me with one overwhelming desire. I got up and left the place and was making my way across the car park when I saw an old friend.


He turned and smiled when he saw me and then slowly, oh so slowly he started towards me but as he came closer I noticed that he was getting smaller as though he were backing away.

When he was close enough to reach out and touch he had shrunk to the size of a football. He held out his hands to me, I was rooted to the spot, as he melted away into a puddle of lime-green mud.

I turned away and removed my head as I would when any friend had recently passed away.

Words by Rik Makepeace
Recorded by Flowerpot Timemachine
Alpha Two (1992)