Strafe (Bombers)

And in this valley of death
Stood the witch and her crew

Listen to this...

O, Dragon of ancient oracle
This is the star, this is light transient

See it, this voice of Light and Dark
O, ancient lore of Osiris
We are peace

Switching to co-ordinates
Mainframe system On-Line
We have main engine over-ride

O, light of fire, guide us with the spice
Initiate the Proton Originator
Destroy our kindred crew
This is time, bury the sword
This hat trick of life and death and truth that go away

Thought energised
Switching to frequency channel
We have continuation of space

Leaving orbit now

Planetary weapon sub-system initiated
We have validation form maintained
This light, this transient, this fire of God
The sorrows led
As I, God, look at the Earth from up on high
Casting out vision into the night

Main protocol of magick drive

See their spite
This rocket of invention
See this dawn angel
Whisper nightmares into your eyes
And Hades, laugh at the darkness
Hades of my mind
Your vision's soaked into the premium
Let it absorb your conscious

Sacred dreamatory nightmare
I believe
The voiceless whisper
Endless song
Voiceless destruction

Did you dream?
Did you laugh?

Cast darker shadows
Into mortal webs of fires
Eat earth, eat dust
Sweet dust of night
This black lord of all our dreams
Would I unleash this flame?
This mortal destruction of the god
Would you believe in the fires?
Set main engine down

Sweet sorcerer
Dreaming satellite, peerless wonder

Energy flows
It dreams like life
Reach distant horizon
Manifest the dream of light and day
This equilibrium
This voiceless entrail of nothing
nothing, nothing, nothing

Target now maintained
Seek initiated
Like blinding light
Becomes angry
And, screaming into this night, we send our love

O, energy glistened throughout this space
Did you energise this humility?
This foundling of our race?
Begin the Lament of Zeon
This is the changing
This is the matter
The divine light

You'll never believe us
Let us laugh in mortal chaos
Our course is unfolding in the dreams of light and death
And transient thought molecules energising from our face

And each river, running down this mountain
Flow into a lake
A lake cast shadows and things crawled out
Evil things, nasty things

The world turned black
Rivers of darkness seizing the glory and stagnant formulas
This is the transcendental thought
O, wrought

This mortal control
Energises the premium of life
And you energise the premium of death

You half-wit.. out

Reaching critical sub-space
Gliding control now programmed
Switching to deep space
O light, guide us across this universe

Random Out-drive Console delivered
We have formulated. listener of the star counsel
Switching to extreme graphical output
Critical station now contained
Transient darkness

Spirit directionless
Crystallise the atomic principles
This nano-optic disguise
A sweet inner space
The hidden about us

Dimension quotient alpha
We have nothing but death to dream forever

Our continuation, our extension
This evil soul

Guide us, O, ship of fire

Initiate prime destruction
We have reached Heaven's Gate
Set main confine
Unleash the dragon

A battle beast send forth this hellish nightmare
Destroy your critical spirits and dark lords of Hell
We will burn your fucking world

Initiate leaving pattern
Accumulate the BIOS
O, human darkness
Become colour of my light
Extension of emptiness

Recorded by Atomic Sub System
Project X1 (1999)