Sunrise Angel

The wretched life, the living flame
All this is inside us
All this taunts our forgotten sorrows and wakeful dreams

Nature is the living flame, the light of our days
Within this fabric of ceaseless folds is the start of the eternal life
This is a view in a storm, a parallel rejection

Peering into the great cavern, the eye cast itself into the pool
Images erupted into a dance of energies, and awareness beckoned
Light was the start, life is the end
The manifestation now peering at me turned from light to void
The eyes knew fire, the pointless god decreed solitude and exploded into the
chapters of time

An expanse

The channels of everything transcended the planes of temporal reality
Then reached the heavens
The evolution of this Dragon would be of a holy different kind

Shadows webbed together and flew apart
In the depths of this place, a creature entered the twilight

What kind of prey was I, a formless spirit?
Moving to its sound and towards fear, the darkness closed in
And I... I was not

The shifting patterns transcend consciousness and erupt through a
membrane of cynical illusions
The web holds us fast for a while, fixing us to the rejection of eternity
Then shone a grail

Recorded by Atomic Sub System
Sonic Manifestation (2020)