Tainted Reality

Twisted patterns come into view
Dancing arcs and spirals play
And all around has a kind of hue
That heralds the start of every day

I do not see
I merely behold
All that my eyes relate
The worlds simple problems of
Purest gold
And the winds... drifting winds
Of Fate

I'm Good
I'm Evil
I'm neither, my friend
I ride the Seas of Chaos to their
Bitter end
And walk Eternal
Throughout the space that
Holds the key
To the Human Race

I can see inside you
Know what you really mean
I can see the programmed
Society extreme
Do you know what I know
That the world you live in is
Just a dream

Recorded by Flowerpot Timemachine
Radio-Activity (1988)
Photon Microbe Collection Volume One (Compilation)