In the dust and searing winds
The last chant of chaos begins
Words drifting over the land
Versions of a being slowly stands

Empty rivers, dried up and dead
Crimson blood-bath never ends
Left us eating poison fruit
Calamity of horrors take root

Eyes beam out madness
Words of terror encompass
All the layers of creation
All the wastes of damnation

Serpent riders touch the skies
Unleashed by the sound of mortal cries
Voice shrieks across the broken land
Crushing resistance right into the sand

Dark lord glints on it's throne
Reaping harvest of all it's sown
Decay and disease slither across
Scattered peoples count the cost

Frenzied monsters dance so wild
Discord's images always beguiled
The thought of pain lights a fire
Worn out mind, the Grail desire

Legions march into burning Hell
Forgotten armies of the fell
Dreams of angels dancing free
Damned souls rise out of captivity

Recorded by Atomic Sub System
A Time Before Light (2021)